Disney: Kronk: Really? For real?

Another finished project?

Make that project number five that's finished (minus any crafts that took less than three days to finish) for the year. I'm kind of scaring myself with my productivity.


And, technically, it's not finished. I still have to glue them to some kind of card that I'm going to rig up. (And decide if I'm really going to make another set or two or just give these to people that I think are pretty awesome.)

Now I have to figure out what I want to do...create that x-stitch chart, work on the Hyrule map, or write that fic that Babe's been asking me to write.
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Crafting: Cross Stitching

Must. Finish. Current. Project.

I have this horrible habit. When I got about 90% done with a project, I tend to want to stop and move onto the next project.

I'm making these adorable patterns that I'm going to make into Christmas cards. I'm on the fifth one (there are seven in all), and I'm already like, "Let's move on." No, Jess, no. My goal is to make one of each style, then take a break (i.e. go to another project), then, do another set in a couple of weeks.

It's that next project that should prove interesting. I'm making a chart from scratch. And it is a lot harder than I thought, mostly because I keep changing the dimensions. But, after I get done with the last of the patterns, I'll go back to tackling the chart.

The Halo and Zelda cross-stitches are on the back burner for now. Usually, I work on the Zelda map when I'm picking up the girls since I have a tangible copy of the chart, but the Christmas patterns to do, so that's how I've been killing time in the car until the school bell rings. And I'm tired of looking at every variation of grey known to mankind, so no Halo for a wee bit.

Now, back to stitching a snowglobe! Whee! :D :D
TNG: Beverly: Seriously?

XF Fangirl finally watches 2nd XF movie

[Do spoilers count for a movie that's been out for five years?]
It was...disappointing. And gory. And, apparently, season 6 (I'm thinking The Beginning in particular) Mulder and Scully (where they bicker and fight) came back for 90% of the movie and post-series XF Mulder and Scully made for a cameo (the scene at night in their bedroom).


Granted, I am of the mindset that XF should have ended with season 5 and that they should have continued with the movies. (Even though, yes, some of the episodes in Season 6 and 7 fill my heart with shipper glee. The mythology of the series had become so totally convoluted by that point.)

I'm grateful that the XF fandom is filled to the brim with exceptional fanfic that made being a fangirl awesome and epic. This movie is exactly what I hated about the series. (Harsh, but true.)

At least there was Skinner. Who apparently likes to snuggle with Mulder in the snow. Cute.
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Tangled: Sun

It was my Destiny...


So, on Monday, I had the privilege of being one of Bungie’s guest for the Song E3 press conference. (Kudos to DeeJ for answering ALL THE QUESTIONS that I threw his way. Patience, the dude has it.)


Babe and I arrived at the pre-show event where there were a ton of food trucks waiting for us. (This is LA, after all.) All I have to say is that the gaming press loves their fried chicken because the line to get some tasty fried goodness was ridiculous.


As it got closer to 6, the group started “lining up” to get inside the arena. It was a stampede of geeks, each eager to get the best seat. But, having a seat at the top of a section –and an aisle seat, no less– I can safely say I got one of them.


The stage was pretty and so were the games. (I totally zoned out during the part about the movies…I know, bad me.)

Watch Dogs was certainly a crowd favorite. Babe is sold on the idea, but I’m like, “I wouldn’t attempt that game without a walkthrough because, um, SO MANY OPTIONS.”

My heart broke a little for the Assassins Creed team. Every time the game glitched, the audience held its collective breath while wincing.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!1!1!! ‘Nuff said.


Destiny was the reason why I had been invited to the conference, so I was eager to finally see some gameplay. The graphics were stunning, the crosstalk was endearingly awkward (does it ever sound relaxed? LOL), and those weapons <3 <3 <3

I still have my concerns about the plot which is basically, “What’s the point?” The trailer sort of addressed that, but I am wondering if the game is going to run on all cylinders for single-player folk who don’t have a group of people to play with. I really, really, really, want to know about this world they created…who are the characters in this world? Is there something more pressing than the search for loot during public events to propel the story forward?

(That being said, they did create Halo — the video game that owns my heart– so my trust in them is extremely high.)


Afterwards, Babe and I went to the Bungie after party. We sat in the background as I mostly gaped like an idiot at all the Bungie people I was seeing. (No, I didn’t go up to them –I was waaay to shy for that madness.)

DeeJ and Jay Weinland did come up to us and were both awesome and friendly, so yay! Bungie folk lived up to my expectation of being awesome to their fans. :D :D

We had to bail out early because we had to pick up the little ones and Babe had work the next day, but overall, a totally epic experience.

And, DeeJ, just know if y’all roll into town again, my schedule is open the week of E3 next year.

Iron Man: Pepper Smug

The Man of Steel, er, Iron

Yesterday, Babe, the girls and I went to Disneyland (surprise, surprise) and headed over to the Iron Man exhibit they have at the Innoventions building. For the first time in, well, a really long time, there was actually a line to get into it.


It wasn’t too bad –maybe ten minutes– but those clever folks at Disney has it set up to where, hey, you want to see Iron Man? You’re gonna have to go around the entire top floor, buddy.

When you made it around all the other geeks, you were greeted with this beauty:


Glorious, isn’t he?  Of course, behind him, the suits of armor stood proudly. Babe did his best to get a panoramic photo but a million nerds + bad lighting = somewhat blurry photo. I still love it though because, um, armors of awesomeness. <3 <3


They also had a simulation area. (We didn’t go on that because we had to eat at some point in the day.) But, if they still have the IM3 display up when we head back there in June, then I’m gonna have to try me on some Iron Man armor, baby!