yappichick (yappichick) wrote,

True North [1/1], Captain America

Title: True North
Fandom: Captain America
Characters & Pairings: Peggy/Steve (kind of), Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, Sam Wilson
Rating & Warnings: K+, spoilers for The Winter Soldier
Word Count: 2,300
Genre: Gen (I guess), Angst
Summary: He has a new mission, but he can't leave without saying goodbye.
Author's Notes: Again, spoilers all over the place in this fic. This fic takes place after the last scene (24 hours after to be exact). I do have plans to make this into a larger story, but, for now, it works as a standalone. As always, thanks for reading! <3

Over at AO3 (mostly because I'm too lazy to format it for LJ)
Tags: fic: captain america
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