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The End of the Year Writing Meme

Total Fics Posted: 22

Total Words Posted:  43,000

Total Words (of Anything Excluding Blogs) Written: Well, I've posted over 10k tweets this year. That has count as something, right?

My favorite story this year: It's a tie between The Struggle Within (Batman: Arkham Origins) and Best of Both Worlds (Halo, TNG -- which is still getting edited for its final ff.net posting)

My best story this year: Based on Kudos/Favs? Kiss and Make It Better (Halo)

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Whispers of a Life Once Lived (Crysis). It's for a practically non-existent fandom, so it was pretty expected.

Sexiest Story: lolz, no.

Most fun story:  Best of Both Worlds...I sort of rushed through it and I like the version on ff.net more (I'm currently expanding on the end action scene), but I think I sort of nailed the aspect of the Halo/TNG crossover.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: Er, none?

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Zip.

Hardest story to write: Everything I didn't post this year. Writing has been a major, huge hurdle. I have come to accept the fact that I'm not a writer, I'm a person who likes to write. I can't have conversations with characters in my head and convince them to come out and play. So, instead of forcing myself to put words to the paper, I moved to crafting (lots of crafting). When the characters want to say something, they know where I'm at.

Biggest surprise: That I couldn't write? I have 20-30k words of random WIPs that went absolutely nowhere.

A story I want remembered: None in particular?

Resolutions for 2014: I really want to write this Tangled fic that has been in my head since Disney: Infinity was announced, finish something of substance in the Halo fandom, start the Zelda and Peach save the video game universe fic, and a few oneshots for good measure.
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