December 6th, 2010

Tangled: Sun

In Obscurum, an Alice in Wonderland fic

: In Obscurum  
Artist: skellagirl 
Fandom: Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Pairing: Alice/Tarrant
Rating: T
Any Triggers/Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Torture (It's a real cheery story, LOL)
Summary:  Trapped in Otherland, Alice must work with Iracebeth and her loyal subjects to fight off the advances of the rebellion headed by Hightopp.
Author's Notes: First of all, a big thanks to just_a_dram  for running the aiw_big_bang .  Secondly, this story wouldn't have come into play without the original idea of chrismata1976  which can be found here and was used as a springboard for this story.  So a big THANK YOU for her idea.  Also, a big shout out goes to skellagirl  who made some wonderful, awesome art *points above* Be sure to drop her some feedback, here.  Thanks so much!!
Finally, a huge, enormous, gigantic thanks goes to my alpha/beta/cheerleader/sounding board manniness.  She patiently sat through dozens of "I'm never gonna finish this story!!11!!!1!" messages, listened to a very skewed orginal idea, constantly encouraged me throughout the Big Bang and made this story better with her mad skills as a beta  (Seriously, one day I'll learn to use "had", LOL).  Thank you, dude! :D :D

Prologue: The Revolt
Chapter 1: The Request
Chapter 2:  The Ruse
Chapter 3: The Revelation
Chapter 4: The Reunion
Chapter 5: The Resolve
Chapter 6: The Rescue
Chapter 7: The Resolution
Epilogue: The Release