September 2nd, 2010

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Once and Always Champion (Master Post), an Alice in Wonderland fic


Title: Once and Always Champion
Author name: yappichick 
Artist name: creepylicious 
Beta name: manniness 
Word Count: 25,865
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Rating: K+/PG
Main Characters and/or pairings: Alice/ Tarrant, and the rest of the gang is there too. :D
Genre: Adventure/ Romance, AU
Summary: When Alice returns to Underland through the Looking Glass, she realizes how tricky a fellow Time can be.
Warnings: Zip.
Disclaimers: Not mine. Never will be.
Author's Notes: THANK YOU to creepylicious  for the awesome artwork and fanmix!  A big huge thank you to my Scottish guru azure_horizon who answered countless questions with the utmost patience. Without her, Tarrant would be speaking like a surfer dude. Seriously.  An enormous, extra huge thank you (and a future package of cinnamon rolls, LOL) goes to manniness  who has been my cheerleader, beta, and English to Outlandish translator. Without her, the ending would have been rubbish. You, as always, Dude, totally rock!

There are some Outlandish words created by the amazingly talented manniness  that can be found here

 Part 1  I  Part 2  I  Part 3  I  Part 4  I  Part 5  I  Part 6  I  Part 7  I Art Master Post

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