July 26th, 2010

Tangled: Sun

Icons: It's Hip to be Square

[01-10] Star Trek: TOS
[11-20] Star Wars (A New Hope and Phantom Menace)
[30-151] Author/writer Text Icons

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--No hotlinking
--Comments are love, so is credit :)
--Star Trek and Star Wars bases by the fabulous so_out_of_icons 
--The text icons are going to, maybe (if I can get myself to finish it), be a mood theme which is why there are buckets and buckets of them
--Feel free to friend and join in the fun :D :D
--And I've gotten a few requests...so yes, if you have a certain screenshot and want me to put one of the text phrases, I'll be happy to make it. (But it may take a few days...)

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